Automatization and Robotic

Development of systems of automatizaton and robotic.

3D Development

Design and development of pieces and special sistems, useing last generation tools for for such applications.

Based on the knowledge of our Engeneers.

Maintenance and Diagnostic

NicoN is a technycal servicies company, specialized on the managment and electromechanic support in the constructio, repair and machinery maintenance, consolidating in the heading since 15 years.



Safe Line Automation

Up until now, it has been virtually impossible to implement safety technology when automating highly modular and flexible machine lines...




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1754, San Justo.

Teléfono: (+5411) 4461-5802

Fax: +54 (0)11 4461 5802

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​We are a dynamic group that for more than 15 years we have been concerned about always being updated to be able to offer the latest technology in the field of Industrial Automation, our wide and growth in automation allows us to generate exelent remains.
Since the beginin, NicoN has betted for the last technologies, both in software, and in control and media appliances, having a qualified staff in constantly formation. Working with B&R firm, we integrate the last technology in the industrie.
The fidelity of our important clients has accompanied us since our beginins, are an example of our services and products qualitie.